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Platinum : Princess Of Pop

" I'm not falling for him... " I mumbled. I spot Kai jumping out of the pool, revealing his wet, tanned muscular body and walking towards me. He leaned on to me on the chair as I looked him back, dumbfounded. He licked his lips, piercing his chocolate brown eyes through mine and the water drops from his hair kept on hitting my face, waking me up to stop drooling. I tried not to look at him as he leaned towards me face inches away, and whispered. " Towel..." What!? Why is his voice so husky, I can't breathe. " Behind you " He took the towel which was hanging on the chair and went to the pool looking at me, a smirk on his face which grew wider seeing me blush hard. That's just great ... " I'm definitely NOT falling for him! " I slapped on my face .. ****** Venus Joan Stark. A smart, impulsive yet a soft-hearted girl who's pretty much confused about love. Her life was engaged in music, dance and family that no other boys couldn't charm her at all .. But only one person could shook her totally , KAI . Kim Jong In aka KAI is a member of Kpop band EXO who's a total hottie. Though he is a romantic person, he isn't romantically interested in anyone. Until they both meet. " She reminds me of someone I know. " They don't know that they have a sort of connection, because, both of them are pretty clumsy in love . And They don't have any idea what they're going to deal with ... ***** " What are you gonna do KAI !!?? " " I'll make her fall in love with me ... Cause SHE'S MINE "

Aislinn ยท Teen
Not enough ratings