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SYSTEM: Rise of the Haughty Damsel

Regal is a prideful and cautious individual who chooses brawns over brains when resolving an issue. She is a definition of irony. What she say that she is may be the exact opposite of what she actually feels. Talk about pride. She was living her usual life when a system suddenly appears and told her that it was already her second life. She has no choice but to do tasks that are, sometimes, deemed impossible to complete. [Host, your Karma Points is dropping crazily! Your luck would be affected once it drops to zero.] “Then kill me right away! I need to thrash this white lotus first before I die.” * Disclaimer: I do not own any of the character arts on the cover. They all belonged to their respective creators. If ever one of the artists would like to take it down, please let me know immediately. Thank you! You can interact with me in my discord M_Sword#7673

M_Sword · Teen

The Multiversal Live Streamer

A few times a week a mysterious live stream appears on countless streaming sites, through the stream the viewers can learn of other worlds, worlds of magic, worlds of cultivation, and even Primal Worlds filled with tribes and savagery. "Host, when will you visit the Realm of the Dead again? I would love to see the reaction of that undead king being unable to kill you again!" "Host, when will you go visit the Heavens? Teach those arrogant cultivators what's right and wrong!" "Calm down, today we are visiting a new place, its called the Planet of Ice and Snow, Glacia, I wonder what awaits us in this new world?" The streamer told his viewers as he sat in his yard.

Unholy_Student · Fantasy
Not enough ratings