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Livestream: Death-Seeking King

Leighton transmigrated to a parallel world and locked on to the Death-Seeking System, gaining an undying body that would be rewarded each time he attempted suicide. In his suicide broadcast room located on a hundred-meter tower, Leighton looked down at the people who were moving around like ants. “Don’t jump, streamer! It’s a horrible death, with all your brain matter splatting all over!” Leighton leapt and fell from a hundred meters above. However, not only was he not hurt, he created a giant crater on the ground. *** On an ocean liner, Leighton had tied himself to a weight measuring over dozens of catties. “Please treasure yourself, streamer! It’s not wise to kill yourself by jumping into the sea!” Leighton leapt into the depths of the ocean and was found three days later, cursing as he climbed out of the ocean. “I can’t die from this either? This really sucks.” *** Before a sea of flames, Leighton stood without a single piece of equipment on him. “Don’t go there, streamer! You would definitely be burnt to a crisp if you rush in!” Without thinking, Leighton rushed directly into the fire. But it didn't even singe a strand of his hair and he even managed to save a bunch of people. *** “Why can’t I die? Why!” Leighton exclaimed in anguish in his stream. Don’t stop me, I’m going to jump into the ocean while hugging a nuclear bomb...

Twenty-Eight Peanuts · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings