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Shi doesn't want to believe in love and trust at all

We are sitting together now.....But one day, you will grab all the stars,but what about me? By doing suicide, will all the things will go smoothly? Is there no way other than suicide... "Why did you betrayed and abandoned me,when I always love you with my heart" What will Yang Shi do?Did she can overcome from the past? " forget the past?" or "live with the past?" let's checkout it by reading ☺️

Hardtobelieve · Teen
Not enough ratings

The Talented Girl's Fate

Bai Daiyu a gorgeous, intelligent, talented, and hardworking lady. She is one of the disciples of Ling Jian the most prominent Martial Expert. A very ideal girl who caught the interest of many including the aloof and mysterious CEO. Watch how she faces her fate and the truth that was kept from her

DemiseHunter · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings