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Never let you go (Jenlisa)

"I lov...", was all I managed to get out before Jennie placed her finger on my lips blocking them from speaking. "Don't ruin it", she whispered and I looked at her confused. "Don't ruin it by saying something that isn't true." "Whatever you think you're feeling right now, it's not real." she said in low voice and I could feel my heart just prepare for another heartbreak. "You're lonely and I'm convenient. And I'm not reproaching at all but don't make this any harder on any of us than it already is." ***** A Jenlisa Adaptation ©️tto

Ruby_KiManoban · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

Stupid Promises

Are you willing to sacrifice your career for the person you love dearly? Are you willing to fight until the end, will you stay, knowing that you will get hurt in the end? "I'm willing to sacrifice my career for you. We can make it through- through thick and thin, just don't leave me. I promise to you we will pass the end and we will chase forever together. You are my everything, Park Y/N. Saranghae ." ___ "... And that is the stupidest promise I've ever heard. How can we chase forever if we can only reach is the end?..."

aliel_ · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

Agape v. Eros

✨Sensitive content ahead such as violence, sexual assault, and disturbing thoughts✨ Love is a game. Scratch that, love is only a game because there's different types of love. The game is to find which one will be for you. Is it Eros: Intoxicating and an addicting romantic love that soars with passion yet is conditional? Maybe Agape: love that will never leave you unfulfilled yet requires an open mind and heart? "I don't care. I just want to look and capture pretty things." - Taehyung Kim "Huh? What? Hah, do you think love pays the damn bills?" -Lisa Manoban "Mhmm? Ah, probably agape! It's the sweetest type of love." -Venus "Eros of course. Sex is the root of all love. Without it there simply is no love.” “Sunev

JoonieTingz · LGBT+
Not enough ratings