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Majestic Eclipse of Prides

White lands. The home of the white lions and lionesses. It includes other animals that became their friends as time passed by. They have their own king and queen to rule the whole land with peace. It consist of six supreme clans and one royal clan. They called themselves 'Whites' as a whole. White lands has the biggest numbers of lions and lionesses when it comes to popularity. Whites are known for being pure, powerful, strong and majestic. Whites are the very quite and a mysterious type of lions that lived in the whole jungle. They are the most untamed and fearless ones. The pride is always within their souls, hearts and minds. Some things are forbidden and some other things are not. But there is something that only whites can do. Is it? Something..that they're capable of and something, that is a secret. Not until someone from one of the clans betrayed the royals and the supremes. They didn't see that coming. They didn't know what's the real reason of that betrayal. But one thing's for sure..the traitor is not a white.

invincible_rose · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Running With The Lions

Ana has spent almost her whole life running with Elsa the lion. Can she learn how to adapt in a human society?

M_H_Trotter · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Sirens and Lions

In a lovely little underwater kingdom on a lovely little planet, a lovely little princess was born... Except the kingdom was not so lovely, not even the rulers, for they were every cruel. The lovely little girl was born with a curse that made her stronger than most. The not so lovely parents of the lovely little girl used her as a weapon, holding her high above the rest so she could squash them down. The lovey little girl grew into a sad mermaid who desired only to be free. Poor Cordelia, born in a cruel kingdom and forced to treat 'enemies' poorly, but soon, she found some people that made the cruelty in her past go away. But the past, holds on tight.

TryingTooHardHuh · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings