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Sinful Temptations

Sinful Temptations

While every other teenagers her age was dating and deciding rather or not to lose their virginity. Lilith gave her virginity to her lifelong crush only to bore his name on her body for the rest of her life. The next morning she learned that she broke the seal of an ancient curse passed to her and six others through the generations. She is burdened to sins of humans to keep balance good and evil. " That's not the worse part. I got stuck with the sin lust. Sure, I was more interested in act sex than others my age, but I didn't want to become obsessed!!" ~~ Naraka is the eldest son and only son of the King of the underworld. The only person tasked to oversee both the evils of human and supernatural worlds. With his ascension to the throne nearing, he is under a lot of pressure. He father gave him an ultimatum, find a wife and produce an heir to ensure their lineage continues. Naraka has one major problem he is impotent. Or so he thinks. He wouldn't dare get it officially diagnosed. However, no female or male (for that matter) could arouse him. Until he saw her..... Disclaimer- Don't own cover art, It was skin I had downloaded on my phone. Just happened to fit the theme.

tsuki93 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings