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The Lost Asteroids

Spirity Contest Novel!!! ************************ Earth, the year 2063. Technology has stagnated after reaching a certain threshold. There were a lot of breakthroughs in innovation and inventions, but nothing groundbreaking enough that will send scientists crazy. In that situation, a strange phenomenon starts to appear from different parts of the world: Unique children born with Special Ability. And finally, Scientists went CRAZY like never before!!! *** Bala, our MC, was born bearing a Unique Ability. An ability that he did not completely understand. At the age of fifteen, he was first kidnapped by a group of Mysterious Witches. After he managed to escape, a few years later he was kidnapped again by one of the most Powerful Organisations in the world. In the Organisation's Research Facility, he met with others like him, with ability. The Facility goals are learning about their Superpowers; What can they do with it? What is their weakness? How to use the Abilities to further tech development? And many other things. From the Facility, Bala learned about an impending doom encroaching toward Earth. Unfortunately, for Bala, the World Authority (World Government) thinks he has one of the few Abilities require to stop the Calamity. And it might lead to their death to do so. To save his life, a game of chase began between him, and almost every Country and All-powerful Organisations in the world! If that is not enough a group of Ancient Sorcerers and Witches also wants a piece of him too! Will he be able to save himself from the terrible fate of being a sacrifice to save Earth? Maybe not!!!! ******************************* Discord https://discord.gg/CbfPyXgAuV

The_Celestial_King ยท Sci-fi