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Life is Strange: After The Storm

After sacrificing Arcadia Bay, Max and Chloe went to Seattle to live with her parents. A year passes and they both have been accepted into San Jose University. Together, they take her truck and begin their way across the country in this coming of age fanfic with heartwarming and equally heartbreaking moments. -Updates every Mon/Tues midday PST. New chapters coming Nov 9th.

certshot · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

Altering Crossfire

Life is Strange Fanfic What could possibly happen if an inaccurate occurrence advance to an unlucky mishap amidst two teens who are complete opposites? One being seen as an egotistically spoiled brat while the other being seen as a timidly reserved bairn abruptly swapping bodies by an error in a scientific experiment gone wrong. Is it a nightmare? Is it real? How long would they be able to grasp the situation before one of them causes a downfall to the other? Will they bear it long enough for an acquisition? Or will they crack beforehand?

Mysterous_951 · Video Games
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