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A confusing story that I, the creator, have a hard time writing it out. The story is about a girl whom is having a tough life, as if the gods is toying with her life. Which I don't know. You can skip the first chapter if you want but I tell you when I go until the chapter which will make you confuse, you better read it. I will make this story with lots of chapter, since it is a confusing one? I don't know since I had rather write this out then type unlike the other stories I have published because this is my very FIRST book that I wrote years back (like when I was a kid that led me to write my other creations..) and I keep forgetting to publish it. In addition to that, this is what I have thought of since a long time ago, although it is not real but since I already publish it, I hope there is no complains or copycats since all the copyrights goes to me. So I hope you like it. All rights reserved. NOTE! If this is your favourite story that I am writing currently and you would like me to hurry and update, please tell me because I am the type who always type stories whenever I want..you could say I'm lazy even though I have already thought of the entire stories in my mind and I will type it out quick for you! Other Stories Of Mine: 1)Back to Life 2)Detective Police 3)Unknown Glory 4)Manaiac 5)The Unknown Poker Case 6)Ghost Hunters 7)44 degrees celsius is so cold~

HappyFreeWriter · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

One dollar, three cents: One wife, three sons

She used to be crazy for men, now she's crazy about her sons. This is for the holiday writing contest, WPC #149, tried putting in the contest but it wouldn't let me.

Bisa · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings