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Where do you belong to

What happens if a girl comes to the biggest boy-band in the world. Can a girl re-unite 1 direction. Stay tuned, because it's a dream world. Where do you belong to ? Bts or 1 Direction

Pages_of_my_heart · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Truly Yours - Autumn Friend

Riley Davis is a 24-year-old writer from Atlantic City, New Jersey. Her long time dream was becoming a published author, just like her father. And while she tried to focus on her latest piece for the publishing office that was due soon. It had suddenly became hard for her to focus on anything when she receives word that her best friend, Amelia, is getting married. When Amelia gets engaged, everything suddenly starts changing for Riley when she receives the big news. She's overwhelmed with excitement with the sudden announcement from Amelia, but there is a slight problem. But when your best friend asks you to be their maid of honor, it should be a dream come true, and you should feel nothing but happiness for them no matter who they're marrying, right? But that's not the case for Riley. So what is Riley to do when she comes face to face with the most significant decision of her life? Copyright © 2020 Autumn Friend, Truly Yours. All rights reserved.

Autumn_Friend · Teen
Not enough ratings


Sebuah keluarga yang cukup besar, The Zeeger. pada generasi ke-3 di keluarga ini, beberapa dari mereka ternyata belum cukup mengetahui satu sama lain. Jika dikatakan, mereka tahu satu sama lain hanya sebatas nama saja, itupun ada yang hanya mendengar dari cerita orang tua mereka. Berawal dari permasalahan yang terjadi antara kakak beradik, Shannon dan Niall. Mereka, generasi ke-3 The Zeeger, mulai mengetahui satu sama lain.

annswepoggander · Romansa Anak Muda
Not enough ratings