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The Mystical Tales of Aspendria: Vol 1

{NOT MALE OR FEMALE LEAD!} Aspendria, The Realm of mystery and magic, powerful witches and mad kings. Werewolves and Vampires and all the peasants in-between. But just like every other fantasy story, evil is afoot everywhere and anywhere it can hide, waiting for the perfect moment to strike, and when it does, can our heroes fend them off? Read on to find out.

PanDaBear12300 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

I wish for silence

Warning: Contains foul language, and other extreme depiction that might be offensive to readers. A post-apocalypse world overrun with vampires, witches, and werewolves. Jack a young human man in his 20s, is alone and has to survive in his new world form almost everything. With only his imaginary friend Kevin to keep him company he survives in this treacherous existence, but he soon begins to realise that he might have to be afraid of his imaginary friend as well. When his imaginary friend takes over his body trapping Jack in his mind for a while to do what had to be done.

Ronaldo_Kahmann · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Prophecy Awakened

Isabel Page, a.k.a Izzy, has always felt like an outsider. First, it was moving to a small, podunk town four years ago with her father, who barely acknowledged her existence on a regular basis, after her mother left them. Second, recently with her 18th birthday creeping closer by the day, she's been noticing very strange things happening around her. For example, she's been blacking out and seeing things that should not be possible. And lastly, she's found out her best friends, Snow and Aarushi, are keeping a very big secret from her. But secrets are the least of her worries when she's suddenly thrust into a world where she might just be the most powerful being to ever exist. But you know, no big deal... Right?

MiaM · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings