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Just Let Go!

Alyssa Langford, an 18 year old girl studying in her senior year at Silverstone High is a popular kid and has a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders. Isabelle Willow, a 22 year old AP English teacher at Silverstone High. It is her first year at teaching just after graduating. The two of them take a liking to each other and are struggling with what they feel. Will they let go of all their responsibilities and pursue their feelings? Or will they bury them 6 feet down? Read to find out!

Hitechha · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

Ulan: Island Series 1

Ulan was a cheerful, playful and go lucky girl, smart yet prankster, what she wants she always gets, but there this one person who caught her attention, Ms. Sinaya, she is willing to do everything just to get her professor's attention.

Magdalene_Verallo · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings