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Cadet Y/n

A 24 year old Cadet, Yane Yuu, her life full of tragedies and secrets.

Yane_Yuu · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

Hold Me Tight (Levi Ackerman x OC)

Every day of Levi's life has been cold. Despite the scorching summers, the sunny springs and despite being the president of a rich company, Levi is incapable of feeling warmth. He is numb to it all...that is, until he meets Kai. Charming yet seemingly innocent, Kai's touch is the first heat that Levi's felt in a lifetime. Levi hires him as his secretary but there's more to Kai than meets the eye.

Dragon_Keeper · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

The Broken Fallen

A cadet named Lexi Sayers falls in love with the mysterious and handsome Captain Levi. Will he return the feelings?

Nessy_Lovegood · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings