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My Hentai System

Ever since Tony's father died, he had been living with his hot mother and three beautiful sisters. But even then he was not good-looking and he had no chance with any girl. He was frequently bullied and rejected, it was easy to say that his life was turning bad. Until he was given a porn magazine by some old man. [Hentai System Activated!] Tony: What the hell?! [You can taste any women that you want. But first you must tap this button to proceed. As for the drawback...] Tony tapped the button without hesitation. [Dimwit, I haven't pointed out the drawback yet.] Tony: Wait! There is one?! [Yes, you can engage with any woman you want. But you must do this quest otherwise if you fail, the system will take your sex drive and manhood away. Also, you are adopted. ] Tony: What the F*** ---------------------- (I made this novel for NNN) XD I would only update if I feel like it and I dont take this story seriously. I started this as a joke. And if you want a realistic slice of life stories you better go read realistic fiction or go somewhere else. Also, if you want a kind and noble MC, u should just read a hero novel or those with hero and justice complex. If the MC's action here might be questionable then I the author don't promote it, I just fit his character just so my story could work. Expect some concepts that might be weird in reality but remember this is fiction. . Buy me a kofi: https://ko-fi.com/hotredflaming

HotRedFlaming · Magical Realism

The Power of Ten: Sama Rantha

Note: As of 5/15/2020, this novel has moved to Royal Road (chapter 534). Book Two is nearly done, at 657 chapters. Book Three will follow on its own page at Royal Road! (8/18/20) Some time ago, a great and powerful Archmage tried to save the planet of Terra from impeding disaster by inventing a VR game to train the gamers who survived the apocalypse to defend humanity. That game was the Power of Ten. This is not that story. This is the story of what happens when your patron gods realize you've invented a system to imprint ass-kicking VR characters onto souls, and decide to take advantage of some of those character templates! Book One: Join Sama and her allies as she first has to endure what it means to be a hagchild, and then on her road to Ten! ---------- Book Two: Space, the final frontier. In the grim darkness of the far future of a galaxy far, far away, there came a hagchild... QX! ---------- If you want exclusive, early access to upcoming chapters, you can support me on my new Patreon @ https://www.patreon.com/ThePowerofTen added 10/24/2019! Updates Daily (on Royal Road now). Average Chapter length is about 2,000 Words (4+ Word Pages). I have some expired Discord links in the author comments. My Discord Channel is The Power of Ten, TPoT, and I have Discord up all the time I'm on line, if you have questions or want to chat. The permanent link is: https://discord.gg/gJ6fRs9 If you have confusion with terms or abbreviations, just reply to one of my comments, and I'll put it into the author notes for everyone! If you are reading through, make sure to check the reader comments areas. I answer a lot of questions there. I have added more acronym explanations to the early chapters in response to reader feedback. As of 6/8/2019, there is a glossary addended to Chapter One!

Aelryinth · Fantasy Romance

The God Creator System

After dying and floating in the void for what felt like eternity, a voice announced something in his mind [[The God Creation System has chosen a user]]

PhantomWriter · Fantasy

Untitled Saviour: This Hero is Not Useless!

Waking up to a strange and new world was not what Lucia would anticipate after logging off a game. Summoned to another world as a hero yet not acknowledged as one, she was soon assassinated by someone she never met and was even abandoned in a forest. Fate had another plan for her however as she soon discovers what actually summoned her in the first place. With a levelling system and her own wits, Lucia must now traverse the world to level up just like in her games. Dungeons appear left and right. Other people like her chase her to obtain levels. Allies she could proudly call friends, assist her even in her hardest times. Even now, she would soon take back what was rightfully hers in the first place. All seemed well until she met that boy though. Who was he and why did he follow her? Also, why were all the men around her scared? What in the world was happening? . . . . . . This is a temporary synopsis. Disclaimer: Cover image not mine

XueLingYue · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Irregularity

The system is very likely to be the creator of this new world where the protagonist has reincarnated into. His goals... Well he's easy-going and doesn't poke his nose much in dangerous situations. But when it really counts he'll level up and get through... The rest of the story? Well, you gotta start reading this then! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *I don't own the cover *I couldn't name the credits as I couldn't find the original source *Please do tell me if you know of it ------------------------------------------‐----------------------------------------------

ZenAnime · Fantasy
Not enough ratings