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Distant Eden

You must have heard of people getting isekai’d to a magical world before. Most were just regular people dying from either a car accident or was hit by a truck. After they died, they’ll reincarnate or transmigrate to a completely new world. Some were lucky to be born as a noble or as a prince or as a princess. Some reincarnates as a slime or as a spider. But the point is, these Main Characters would eventually ends up saving the world. That’s not how things work on this story. Because from the very beginning, we’re already at the top of the food chain. We are Eden’s revered and respected Gods and Goddesses. So what’s the story about then? Well, we also got transmigrated. But this time, we got isekai’d to Earth. Will your planet be alright? [The media used for the bookcover is not mine, ctto.]

LazyMissy13 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings