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I Have An All Knowing System, Is That Cheating?

Xun Ying died by a gunshot that hit her on the head by a terrorist. Her soul was saved by a system that apparently called himself Baobao and brought her to Eververse, a world where children are possible no matter your gender and relationship status. As the daughter of Lan Tianqing and Tian Siyang, everyone expected her to be just like them, becoming a powerful figure, however, what will happen if the situation exceed what people expect of her and become a genius who knows how to read and write at 2 and walk and run at 8 months old while talking only when 3 months old? In this life, Xun Ying's only goal is to protect her family and live her life to the fullest. But what happens when she got a disciple out of nowhere and somehow end up with a whole city population of disciples following her? Besides her goal, the only thing else that she wanted to be was a salted fish! Now, what should she do to her disciples? And that man who kept pestering her? __________ *Credits to the creator(s) who created the anime characters Status: Cover Completed Author:*phew* Spend so many hours working on it.

Windreader8675 · Fantasy Romance

My Love, You Will Never Escape From Me

Three lifetimes or 1 whole life? Two people were once linked by business marriage. Dilireba who was once innocent and turn cold because of him. 3 lifetimes and 2 deaths. Yo! This is not your typical romance. Ever heard of a devil? Ever see one? Well, Dilireba certainly did. Ever since Dilireba has met Deng Lun her life turns upside down. Being forced to marry him was like a nightmare. But she finally awakens from the nightmare and from his grasp. But is it really? The answer is yes and no. Yes because he no longer can bound her to him all the time. No, because he was chasing after her and always around her. Like a stalker? Yup. However, she is constantly having a dream of two men and possibly her past self? However, thank goodness that her childhood friend is getting her happily ever after and he is coming back. Now divorced, she is no longer the same. Innocent and childishly pure? Nope. It's cold, savage and a badass, at least towards outsiders. It is time for her to turn this around especially when she finds out her hidden identity or should it be identities? And is everything she originally think is really real? But this is only round one, so what will the ending be? You can only read this whole novel to find out. Stick with me and I'm sure that you will at least not hate this book to the core. ------------------------------------------------- [Let me go! If we act as if we don't know each other nor interferes with each other's life, won't it be better for both of us?!] - Dilireba [We don't even have the most basic trust for each other, how can we go on?] - Dilireba [I believe that I could get everything that I wanted and women are one of them] - Deng Lun [I believe in my eyes and my abilities] - Deng Lun [I have waited for you for so long, but I'm willing to wait longer for you so that you can accept me.] -Bai Jiayu [Now that I recovered some parts of my memory back, wait for me Ah Jiu, no Reba... wait for me ...my rightful queen.] -Bai Jiayu [Bai Jiayu... where are you? Why can't I get any news on you? Why did you disappear?] -Dilireba -------------------------------------------------- This story contains heartbreaks and contains barrels and barrels of vinegar as well as fluffy chapters~. It's a make-believe story between Dilireba, Deng Lun, my creations, and many other celebrities. But Father Deng's name is really a coincidence... The story will also have a mix of the Chinese drama, 'Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms'

Windreader8675 · Fantasy Romance

Diary Of A Lazy Teen

Jump into a truthful experience of a super lazy boy. That's me actually. If I got an award for laziness, which I know I will someday, I hope you'll be around to help me collect it. So, this is like a diary, no, journal . Hope as I share with you my life experience, you learn the good stuffs that I learned, like being lazy. Gosh, it's so comfortable and gooooooood. Anyway, let me start writing before the laziness takes over. Chao!

roastedpotatoes · Realistic Fiction
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