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Reflection: Spectre

I..... am Dame? Is that what they call me? Is that my........Name? (Dame - Japanese of Hopeless or Vain) You......... What is your Name?

nahnahq · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

The Killer Heart

In Citel city, in a world with no law, where all the danger is everywhere. A masked man, name as Revion, has found a young child, named Yui Nami, in the alleyway after his hunt and now decided to adopt the little one. As he does, he will face many challenges along the way to keep the child safe. Yui on the other hand is to try to uncover the secret that the city is hiding, how to save peoples, and to stop this lawless world. Would they live in peace and fix the world? Or lose their lives in this chaos. Hopefully you all gonna join enjoy this novel! Smile!

Red_Luet · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings