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Your Potty Partner : Adult Jokes Added Daily

Hello WebNovel Readers, "Your Potty Partner" is the new-age way to get your daily dose of Adult humor, anytime, anywhere - with WebNovel's easy-to-use app and website. Don’t blush: 80 percent of the mobile users admit to using their phones in the bathroom. 'Add This Book to your collection' - for your next bathroom visit: check out the latest added Jokes to pass the time during your next extended reign on the throne. These adult jokes are guaranteed to put a cheeky smile on your face. You can also share your own jokes in the "comments section - below the chapters". Have Fun!! -------------- Yang Studio is a writers’ circle which is a support group for writers who wish to be among like-minded people. If you want to start writing and are looking for inspiration, this circle is for you. Books published on WebNovel are works of the respective writers from the circle. For reporting any content, readers can contact us. --------------

Yang_Studio · Fantasy
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