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**Author is stockpiling the story...** Volume 1: The Weaver: A Throne of Vita and Obit Tania didn't like Immortal court and their strange soldiers who had been holding superpowers; the court of immortality named them, Aligners. She speculated that they had been causing chaos in the underworld. The reason why she didn't like them. But one day, when she was accidentally in their region and about to slip in a chasm made a wish and foolishly attached a condition to it. Her wish was fulfilled right after a blink of an eye. Then she had to pay this debt. How? To become an Aligner. * What you will know: "Welcome to Aligners squad." A soft chilling breeze kissed every single wound on my body. It tried to consort my pain but I was not sure if it could sort this out! She mentioned that humans can't injure me and never said, who else can or how!? I had no preview, which arena I stepped in. Yet, I wouldn't deny that I ever felt regret... ____(*^o^*)**Please Vote**___(^__^)\(^o^)/ Only available on Webnovel... No Elsewhere

Naz_Mzf · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings