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The Last Witch and Her Pack

The 100 year battle between Witches and Warlocks has finally ended. The result is that the warlocks won. Almost all witches are gone now. The last remaining witch now lives in a log cabin only found deep in the snowy mountain border between shifter country and what use to be witch country. There lived a 20 something year old woman, who had just gotten use to living alone. Till 5 smoking hot burly men coming busting, not only into her cabin but also into her life. Demanding she not only mate them all but also have their babies. Sadly for our young witch, these 5 shifter males are the least of her worries. Since her biggest problem is keeping the secret that she is pregnant with the warlock king's twins. Add to the fact she's pretty sure one of the twins is a girl and that the warlock king is out to kill her. Let's hope she can solve all her problems before the babies come.

Mire97 ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings