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Last Light in the Universe

Last Light in the Universe

Juno Terminal had a job to do. Guard the frontier. Keep space safe for humanity. The fact that no humans had been in contact for thousands of years had no effect on Juno Terminal's programming whatsoever. Dispatch patrols. Maintain supplies. Prepare for guests. These are all tasks that do not require the presence of humans. So when a patrol returned with a living human, it should not have affected Juno Terminal in any way. And yet...

q00u · Sci-fi
The Last Two Assholes on Earth

The Last Two Assholes on Earth

Ashe Lovelace is the last person on earth... Or so she thought. After wishing the whole world away she's initially filled with regret, then it gradually fades away as she begins enjoying this newfound freedom and solitude; something that she's been yearning for so long. But as time passes she eventually begins to feel lonely; slowly growing ever so close to the brink of insanity... Until she realises that she's not the last person on earth. All this time, she wasn't completely alone.

Halrue · Teen
Not enough ratings