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Infinity Tower

Infinity tower. There is a tower, that breaks through the clouds and touches space itself, its mystery is beyond the outsiders, because every battle mage who goes in has never came back, it stands proud, and sparks the curiosity of any one who see's it. Everybody knows about it, but lots are afraid of it. An adventure, of mastering the elements, peaking through the power echelons, touching the edges of earth, conquering land, and transcending, finally it will always lead to the tower. Thirst with curiosity to follows his father foot-steps, as he goes inside the infinity tower of no return. Inside of it is a vast mystery that he will see for himself, to learn the truth of the cosmic project, that is being played behind the curtains. Why do people have bracelets in the arm? Where does magic come from? More and more, people disappear, all the most powerful have entered, and the emperors are starting to feel alone. Why has the gods vanished and to where? Where has all the heroes went to? Why after a thousand years, no one has ever came back from the tower? Is the truth to existence in the tower? Why does it feel like the right thing to do is to know what's inside all this, where does it lead one? "To know the truth. It's just as simple as entering, isn't? " "Who is that voice!" As easy as that the journey begins.

Nicolas_Ruiz ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings