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Rented by the Heiress

Little baby moonshine: Mum, how did you meet dad? Yona: Hmm. It was during a vacation. Mummy was lonely, so I rented your dad through an app. Little baby moonshine: ..... ---------------- Yona Worth, sole heiress and current CEO of W&W Corp.. The precious daughter of the carefree and eccentric Aiden Worth and Yui Watanabe. Beloved by her employees and hailed as the up and coming business genius. Beautiful, elegant, fierce. And ....single... as of five minutes ago. Her fiance, Wilding Inc. heir, terminated their engagement because she was too 'aggressive', 'unladylike', and an 'ambitious woman desperately climbing up a man's world'. Riiiight. She punched that scumbag right in his obnoxious face, and promptly ended their farce of an engagement. After filing for an indefinite leave, she threw all of her duties to her brother, the Prince Charming of all Media. And then flew across the Pacific and landed in the historic land of her mother's birth, Japan. Not wanting to be lonely in her grand vacation, she downloaded an app called Boyfriend-for-hire; rented their number one guy and availed full services. Except she didn't expect the number one boyfriend for hire was a housewife incarnate. Yona was tempted to take him home for good. ---------------- Disclaimer: I don't own the images I used for the cover, got it from Pinterest. :D A/N:This novel is mostly going to be light, fluffy, and straightforward romance. If you're looking for a novel with a drastic plot twists and all, this isn't for you. But if you're tired of that kind, you can give this a try. Update Schedule: 1 chap/day with spontaneous mass releases in between. (It all depends on the circumstances.)

feipei · Contemporary Romance

Our Future

When the universe decided the pair of souls that would be together, they didn’t know that these two souls would go great lengths just to meet each other. Czarina Halley Willows, 21, an architect to be and the sole heiress to her father's multi-trillion dollar empire, with a traumatizing past, she distanced herself from others until she met her friends that slowly helped her in recovery. Alastair Rowan Hudson, 22, a chef to be and the co-founder of his father's chain of restaurants. He was living a peaceful life, striving to be the best and successfully open his own chain of restaurants in the future, but he got involved in the whirlwind life of one traumatized heiress that needed more care than anyone else. Their interesting meeting and friendship, grew more and more as Czarina slowly healed herself from her past.

KuranVic21 · Teen
Not enough ratings

Good Cop, Bad Cop

{ON HIATUS} Zephyr, daughter of Mercy Gold and Luke King, forges her own path as an elite assassin. Despite being a CEO, like her parents, she also happens to be a very good lawyer. Queen of the Underground, she’s neck deep in shady crap, but she has her own set of morals and never crosses her imaginary lines. She knows what she wants and she goes directly for it. Shameless and brazen, she’s the world’s best lawyer. But those two traits can only get her so far before she has to realize that it’s okay to slow down sometimes. Raphael Robinson is Deputy Chief of the Police Force. His father is the Chief. Raphael is a righteous and extremely moral man. He’s very good at his job. But when he gets assigned to find the Queen of the Underworld, does he take it? Yes! Of course! The rumors were that the old Queen stepped down for her daughter, but will looking for the new Queen be any easier? Nope! However, Raphael will not give up. When Zephyr falls head over heels for the man pursuing her criminal identity, what does she do? She helps him of course! Leading him in circles while slowly making him fall in love with her! The perfect plan! But with people and hidden organizations targeting both their families, do these two have time to find themselves? Find the threats not just around them... but in them? With a prophecy hanging over Zephyr’s head, and partial will taken from Raphael.... Let’s just say it won’t be easy... *** A shadow... An assassin... Eyes cold as ice and glacier-blue... Swift movements atop buildings... Jumping... running... angry... Ready. One person defined as many things. Merciful not among the list. Through the alleys, a man was running... panting... praying... Caught. *** “Well,” Zephyr said, smiling, “all it took was an accident and some amnesia, but you finally fell for me.” Raphael sighed, smiling as well. “Yes, and I promise I’ll never leave you.” “Oh, I’m not worried about that,” she said, walking towards him. “I’d be worried about what happens when I catch you TRYING.”

W1NGS · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

My Lady, Tools of Deterrence, and I

19 years old Hina inherits a mega business empire in defence industry. The Young Heiress and her sidekick Poos embark on the unpredictable journey through the world packed with head spinning technologies, political mines and cut throat business competitions. Can Hina rise up to the challenge and light up this industry full of conservative boomers? Will Poos stay faithful to his young lady boss when his career is put at risk?

Toobo · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings