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Just for Him (Kylo Ren x Female Reader)

As a modest young woman living during the Regency Era in Hertfordshire, England, things had never felt right. That was until one evening, you came across the most charming gentleman you had the privilege of laying your eyes on, by the unique title of Commander Kylo Ren. You were his Angel, and that meant he had his own ways of possessing you, mind, body, and soul. But had Ren's shattering desires, secrets, and abilities been powerful enough to challenge everything you thought you knew about your life, and yourself? And more importantly, was there any way your souls would come back to each other? [Ultimately, if you read on, you will find that this is a love story taking place between two parallel universes.] While this story begins in 1800s England, I've added a modern spin on that, especially in relation to the vocabulary, actions depicted by the characters, and plot development. The reason for that is because the linguistics of that time period is significantly outdated, and would not make sense for the rest of the story. The rights of all art, images, photography, and designs featured in this story go to their respective owners and creators. Your images helped shaped my content and imagery while writing and planning out scenes, plot ideas, and emotions during my creative process. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. While my ideal depiction of Kylo is someone who is soft, gentle, loving, and kind, there will be situations in this fic in which he is possessive, vulnerable, and emotionally unavailable. Constructive criticism is welcome, but I'm quite sensitive to anything deliberately hurtful, not helpful, or discouraging. Also, please know that my writing has a Mature rating for a reason. If you are not an adult (18+) or do not want to read explicit smut, please do not engage with or read my writing. Also, each chapter contains specific warnings. This may potentially become part of a series called "Destiny Among Our Blurred Hearts." Disclaimer: Do not steal my writing in any way. I pour my entire soul into these words and it would break my heart to see someone else stealing them. If the need arises, I will be taking legal action in the event of plagiarism. Thank you loves, enjoy xoxo

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Just hold my hand (Kylo Ren x reader) book II

Alice_Comino · Movies
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