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Reborn In KnB with Skills

*I do not own Kuroko no Basket* This is a novel about a Kid that got a chance of a living again after his planet was destroyed he meets God who gives him the opportunity to be reborn in another world , which he can choose, God also gives him five wishes, to help him on his new journey The kid who always loved basketball soon chooses the world of his favorite anime Kuroko No Basket Author's note *Hi guys, I always wanted to write something and I finally find a place I can write to a public, please rate if you guys like, I will inovate, this will not be like the other novels of KnB, obviously this will have various things from the anime because it's 'Reborn in KnB with skills', I will post 1 chapter per day if I see the public it gets will be active, so rate and commente please* Sorry if my grammar is bad, I will try my best

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