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Until We Meet Again (BL) (Completed)

Until We Meet Again (BL) (Completed)

Bright has been living his life as a ghost without knowing anything apart from his name. Staying at the cemetery for three years seems to be so lonely for him, pero nang magtagpo ang mga tingin nila ni Clara, he couldn't fight the urge to follow her bringing the curiosity if Clara could actually see him or not. In the thought that he's just trying to confirm something, it leads to something more—to Clara helping him from giving answers to all of his questions. Pero hindi kaya ni Clara na siya lang mag-isa kaya humingi siya ng tulong sa kanyang Boyfriend na si Haze. In their quest to finding the answers, haharapin nila isa-isa ang katotohanang magpapabago sa kanilang tadhana. Sa huli, each of them will get the ending that is truly meant for them. But will it be a happy ending or not?

worstadmirer · Fantasy
Not enough ratings