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Trapped Between The Alphas

Since young, Hana forced to disguise as a strong beta. Her Mother never let her doing something that relate to the omega thing and she always doing whatever her mother want to, like a good daughter. unfortunately, her live become messing up when four alpha with different personality appear in her life. the most part is all of them start to interested into her and her secret as omega will be expose. what should her do? should her avoid those alpha's or playing with them? what could be her choise then? the alpha's : Choi Yeon Jun :aggressive yet secretly lovely alpha "stop crying fool, i don't know how to comfort such a crybaby lady but..urgghh i'll will try to comfort you." Lee Soo Bin : Naughty yet Possessive alpha "guess what babygirl,from today i'll will take over of your punishment. should i spank your butt or devour your alive. so which want do you want?" Im Chang Wook : Quiet yet dangerous alpha "i'll do this not free omega, pay me with another way.maybe your body or your sexy services" Han Jin Hyuk : Mystery yet sexy alpha "you cannot see me every time but believe me hana, i'am always protect you without your realize" the alpha's make her confuse even more and developed strange feeling . what gonna happen after that?

Stella_Savage · Fantasy Romance
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Stella_Savage · Fantasi
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