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Abducted Concubine

The crown prince of Ignis Imperium has planned to abduct the princess of the Aqua Imperium. But he made a mistake, and abducted a concubine instead. Her name is Ranisiera Belcher, the 5th concubine of the emperor. She is fierce, beautiful and bright woman- the reason why the emperor favored her. The crown prince- Athanaric Heidrich, wasn't able to return Ranisiera. Instead, he kept her as his maid, not knowing that later on, he gets fond of the concubine. But the absence of Ranisiera made the emperor to conduct a frantic search, not until he discovered her existence on the other empire. It waged a war between two strongest empire. Will Ranisiera choose her feelings over the future of the two empires?

sadxymponi · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings