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My Empire of Dreams

One fine evening Eric was returning home bullying Josh, his unfortunate neighbor. He didn’t know how, perhaps god got pity on josh or jealous of Eric, but some mighty gender-less things called SYSTEM abducted him. He is sent to a planet far far away from Earth. A planet, which he wouldn’t even dare to dream, without internet, smartphone, and basically no electricity. He gets an assistant System, which behaves like a boss. He became the prince of the kingdom without a king. And the journey to build a modern society begins...

RaSi · Fantasy

After Life: Demon Knights

what happens when you die, if a person's good deeds are more than his bad ones he goes to heaven and if his bad deeds are more he goes to hell, but if they are perfectly balanced the person gets a chance of getting reborn, the only catch is that they have to protect another world from demon, this is easier said than done for our protagonist who gets turned into a demon on his first week.

Ibrex2000 · Fantasy

Ashes of Creation

In a world where everyone has a blessing bestowed upon them by one of the many unnamed Gods. We follow Fenix as he grows accustomed to his newfound powers and how to navigate through the current landscape.

LowGravity · Fantasy
Not enough ratings