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The Crossbreed

For as long as I can remember I've hidden my true self. I've learned from my past and now know not to trust anyone with my secret. But after years of hiding, I've been given no choice but to show the truth about me. This small town in Maine is about to have a hybrid on its doorstep... {Synopsis} - After staying hidden for over a hundred years James decided to go to Mystic Falls to investigate his mother's murder, once he got there he found something out about the case that he just couldn't believe. My Instagram is @blaze3xx you can reach me there for any questions or comments on the writing. Also, the book cover was made by @v.sm_morgenstern

Blaze3xx · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

In Love With The Villain (Klaroline)

You think you know me, the monster in my soul; you think I'm indifferent, my heart is black as coal; but what you call cruelty, is my illusion of safety; you think I don't want to be near you, the truth is I fear you;

Prachi_Mishra_9652 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Abandoned Salvatore

The adopted salvatore who was left for dead by his brothers Stefan and Damon all for the love of one woman named Katherine Pierce.

BTSHardStan01 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings