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The monster of Teiko (Kuroko No Basket)

i dont own kuroko no basket i only own my own oc

ChronoTime · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

Intertwined Destiny

Shattered by the devil's hands and his intentions, Kuroko escaped the clutches of Teiko empire. The furious devil master, possessive of his love, had refused the innocent Kuroko to fall into the filthy hands of humans, assuming his love would be tricked and trapped, turning his love into his biggest Achilles heels. Kise Ryouta, assassin from Kaijou was sent upon the master's orders: to bring back Kuroko Tetsuya. Sensing the master's wrath growing as days pass, Kuroko realized the beginning of a terrifying nightmare haunted him for three years was about to transform into reality. [Akashi Seijuurou × Kuroko Tetsuya]

KiriharaReii · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings