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Heaven's Emissary to the Devil's House

Artie Shen transmigrated to a game-like world with an angel system and ended up marrying an archduke in one of the devildoms. With the trumpets of war echoing in the distance, it’s up to Artie and Larkin to protect their archduchy… and perhaps build a genuine relationship along the way. In an attempt to escape her first marriage, Artie Shen ran away from her father’s estate. However, on her way down, she met with an accident that sent her down the cliff to her death. Instead of the painful fall, Artie woke up on her way down from the sky. She then heard a system introducing itself to her. [Welcome to Heaven Creation’s interface! Please remember that we only have two active routes for now: Veneration and Apostasy. Make sure to complete all incoming tasks in order to gain points. Use the variety of tasks and quests to achieve your goals. Good luck, little watcher.] Equipped with a dual-route angel system, she was now bound to the duty of answering the prayers of the people. To get started, her first task was nothing else but… seducing the archduke of the plains! Larkin Ellis was known as the most ruthless and eccentric lord in the kingdom, but Artie Shen learned that there was more than this facade that he was forced to live for comfort. Promises were uttered, and vows were made. With the archduchy facing one of its darkest times, Artie Shen and Larkin Ellis decided to stand together against the horns of war and the clawed clutches of the past. Will their disguised platonic relationship blossom into something real for the sake of the archduchy? Or will it be for the loudest songs of their hearts? … ‘Love may not have a place in the weddings of this world, but wouldn’t it be happier to marry the one for you? I think so, too…’ Her thoughts trailed off as she finally reached the church’s door, but her gaze was still on Larkin’s face. ‘You have always been trying your best to create a better world for everyone. I wonder if you’re looking for someone you’d want to actually share your whole life with… with tons of political benefit or none...’ “I’ll find the person who’d make you happy...” Artie whispered while staring at the archduke and standing on his left, but Larkin only deepened his smile. “It’s not yet the time for wedding vows, Artie.” [Disclaimer and Warnings:] This story is a work of fiction, and similarities to any living or dead person are purely coincidental. May contain triggers. Follow me on IG @droopdroopghost and on Twitter @anakoulove Cover by reialdark

droopyghost · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings