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Short Plump Treasure

"Who are you?" Mayo asked squinting to look at the person who saved her. "My name is Sari and you are my treasure" -------------------------------------------------------------------- Mayowa, a short plump girl from the kingdom of OSU ran away from the crown prince of Osu who only wanted her body and neglected her true love for him. Heart broken, she finds herself in the arms of a Prince who needs her for the throne due to unexpected curcumstances. Nobody made her feel special, her mother, her sisters, her father except her friend. Living life like that was quite tough. Now she is in a kingdom where a neglected Prince needs her to take over the kingdom. She is made to feel special and is well taken care of. For some reason, this prince keeps his distance from her. Though she likes it, she hopes it will only come out well. Denle, Mayo's best friend goes in search of her friend after she found out that she disappeared. She goes with the prince to bring her back leading them in series of adventure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Please Mayo, stay away from my brothers. They will do anything to get you You need to stay with me always. Do you understand my treasure?" Please follow my Instagram to know more about me @ellathefirst18. Thank you

Ella_Thefirst ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings