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Douluo Dalu : White God

Douluo Dalu : White God

The descendant of the supreme emperor Li Qiye was killed and reborn as the Star Luo Kingdom's Royal Prince! How will he live his new life? will he follow his ancestor's step to dominate? or will he live his life leisurely and enjoy his life as a Royalty? . . . Any comment is welcomed! but please use a proper word and use English or Bahasa. As I am currently only able to understand two main languages :) The cover is not mine, the release rate will be around once a week. If there is less work to do I'll try to release more. If there's more work to do then less chapter to release.

Eat_pride · Book&Literature
Star Wars: Dusk and Dawn

Star Wars: Dusk and Dawn

Emmett Law didn't have the best life nor did his family, one day during a new school-year he is killed by some bullies that took it too far after he fought back. and then he wakes up on Tatooine. (this is mostly a story based fanfic with some comedic touches and however many references I can make without negatively affecting the story.)

shady_elf · others
Strike the Blood:The return of the 5th Progenitor

Strike the Blood:The return of the 5th Progenitor

The 5th progenitor's birth was hidden by the birth of the 4th and as a thanks he has transferred into the 4th's school to keep an 'eye' on him. Before being given the powers of a progenitor, Argus lived a humble life in the Alps as a young monk. While he was praying in a ruin, he fell through the floor and drowned in a pool of blood. When he awoke he was reborn as the 5th progenitor of the vampire race, assaulted by the need to feast he attacked the nearby town and drank the people to death. Seeing how destructive his new desires were he retreated to a new island that was designed for demons to live in, once there he transferred into a local school and that is where our story begins.... Rights to the image belong to the original creator.

BleedingStar · others
Not enough ratings