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Flemington Family Series

1. Heart of Ardor Tale as Old as Time, one will discover something older than Time itself ***** WORDS CAN BE DANGEROUS BUT NOT ALL OF THEM Magnus Fleming was not your typical guy. He loves to spend his time reading up on myths and legends and hoping to meet them in person. You know what they say: be careful what you wish for! Magnus got his wish and it was nothing like he would ever think of. He was hit by a car and suddenly, he was in a country that he did not know if he was in the modern era anymore. Magnus thought his life in the modern era was a sad story, this world was making his life miserable when he was surrounded by old stuff that he only read in his books. Perhaps it was a chance for him to experience the things that he wanted to or maybe, Fate was playing cruel humor on his miserable, lonely life after all. ***This is the retelling of Saint George and the Dragon with its own twist!*** 2. Desire of Flames WHEN YOU'RE A RAKE, ALWAYS A RAKE James Flemington was known to br a rake among his mates. He was the one person that likely to be in trouble even when he did not start it all. And it was too soon for him to be caught in a trouble that he cannot escape from. A LADY THAT WAS CAUGHT IN A TROUBLE Darla Lockwood has always despised the way of James Flemington-who was unfortunately her childhood friend-and his way of living. He was always skipping his education and the academy and now graduated, he still hasn't change his way of life. For Darla wished that he would see her the way that he saw other women. But surely, he would never consider her as his potential bride. WHEN FATE BRINGS THEM TOGETHER When something goes wrong and Darla was trapped with James in his arms, the old dowager asked them to tie the knot. James protested but it was the right thing for a gentleman that ruined a lady's reputation to do. But will Darla ever tame the rake when he did not even think her as nothing else other than a thorn in his ass? ***This is the retelling on Florence Nightingale with its own twist!*** 3. Blaze of Heart HE ONLY NEEDS A BOW AND ARROWS William Flemington was a brooding lord that only likes to talk to his family. Everyone else was not important to him for he considered them as a waste of time. But not when he was with his bow and arrows for he finds great pleasure in them. A LADY WHO DEFIES THE SOCIETY Mary Hanson has always to fit in the polite society of Caga but she never could. Not to mention she was the daughter of Duke and Duchess that have closed tie to the royalty. The only time when she was feeling herself was when she took a walk in the Fik Forest. Mind you, she was not strolling on her horse but rather using a bow and arrows to shoot the trees as her moving targets. TOGETHER THEY WILL BRING JUSTICE TO THE REALM The bandits were making a havoc in the walled city of Caga. It's up to William and Mary to join forces and bring them down for once and all so that the future of Caga will be secured. But by doing so, they will have to be working together and trying as they might not to lose their hearts as well. ***This is the retelling of Robin Hood with its own twist!***

Nikki_Larousse ยท Historical Romance
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