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Kingdom Managing System

This novel is trash so I won’t blame anyone for giving any bad reviews. Ivan have fuck up. His parent are dead and His girlfriend Cheat on him. His best friend is Scum that use his friend for money. What is there left for him to live for. Revenge? No he responsible for everything that happen to him thus far. Only death can he feel that he redeem himself as human. —— Will he be living his live to the fullest or live pathetic again? In this new world Tag: Kingdom Building, Noble, Inheritances

Eye_Ball · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Asian Ragnarok

An ordinary Indian student's soul travels into the body of Ashoka The Great(268-232 BCE) before he took the reigns of The Mauryan Empire. This is a different story about the greatest of kings of one of the largest and most powerful empires in antiquity as the regressed protagonist changes history by conquering the Asian continent!

Maugus0 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

New World: The SS World

A boy, together with his friend was transported to the new world and the boy promised his father to be the strongest in that world but many people are just laughing at them there and they can’t use their real magic because when their real magic get exposed, they will be hunted by the strong group of villains or the side of the good ones and will kill them mercilessly. The one who attacks their world will soon attack the new world they went to. There are so many adventures, new friends that they will meet, new family, kingdoms, kings and queens, princes and princesses that they will meet. But they don’t know that during that, someone is hunting the boy secretly and is already making a plan. Who is it? will they know it? will he achieve his goal even there is no one believing in him?

AnneReyes · Fantasy
Not enough ratings