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King And His Lost Queen

RATED 18+ " I thought that I can capture your beauty through my painting but my dear you are so beautiful that nobody can ever explain your gloriousness" His words made her feel the chills throughout her body. His dangerous and charismatic aura around him made his beautiful features look darker and domineering. "That's why I am making a decision, I will not let anyone else experience your beauty. I am the one whom you are destined with. In other words, YOU ARE MINE AND ONLY MINE" Bellerose Claremont would have never guessed what would happen with her when she left her small town to find work She never imagined meeting a man like Thaddeus Noran. Such an ethereal, charismatic yet domineering and dark man. At first, he ignored her, made her fear him and then due to one fateful encounter suddenly he wanted her for himself. His beautiful aura made people fear and respect him involuntarily. Bellerose wanted to run away far from him but every time she tries to do that, she finds herself back into his clutches. Not to forget she have to deal with people from her past, who will reveal the total new identity of hers. Will Bellerose survive this bedlam and find a new identity of hers or she will live herself in the world that is full of lies and mysteries. ALL THE CHARACTERS IN THIS NOVEL ARE FICTIONAL. NO RAPE. MATURE SCENES WILL BE THERE AS THE STORY DEMANDS FOR IT. NOTE- I am not that good at descriptions so plea

soothsayer ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings