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Reincarnated in Supernatural TV series

This is about a normal guy who is a fan of the supernatural tv show and got reincarnated in it because he was randomly picked by the True Creator of alĺ of existence after the creator ended the world of origin which caused the world's of fiction which were connected to the world of origin slowly cease to exist so the entities that came into being from the True void who created the fictional world's connected to the world of origin begged the creator for atleast one person from the world of origin whose soul is made from the true creators light which will stabilize all the world's once it becomes connected to them all. (The wishes made will be wishes that I would make so expect him to in the future be a Outerversal level being but that will be in a Long time) Also in my fanfic end Season 14 to 15 is not canon for a better explanation you should read the chapters. Author note; (This is my first ever fanfic. I will do my best to complete it and learn from my mistakes that I will most definitly make. The Updating schedule will be random. some days I will post like 2 to 3 chapters some weeks maybe non. I still have school that's why I can't give a definitive date of uploading) (Cover Art is not mine if the creator of the image wants me to remove it they can send me an email) (Supernatural TV series is not mine it's owned by The CW and is created by Eric Kripke)

Samael_Son_of_Dawn · Fantasy
Not enough ratings