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Alyas Zombie Sa Mundo Ng Pantasya

Isa si Yeman sa mga tinatawag na shut-in. Anime, manga or real life movies basta tungkol sa mga zombies ang paborito ni Yeman. Pati sa PC niya ay puno ng mga larong mga zombies. Isang gabi iniligtas niya ang dating kasintahan sa panganib. Ito rin ang naging dahilan kung bakit siya napunta sa kakaibang mundo ng Pantasya. Tunghayan ang masalimuot na pakikipag laban ni Yeman bilang si Zombie sa mundo ng Pantasya. Anong hamon ang naghihintay sa kanya?

Fhrutz_D_Hollow · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Psycho Hero

Zhu Wentian, 18 years old, a hypocrite, and psychopath. A virgin! Without any idea how to handle girls. And for some reason, Zhu Wentian's body starts to lose strength every time a woman touched him. Zhu Wentain loves killing. Though, he never killed a person in his entire life. He already killed a lot of animals before. However, as he was about to kill a cat in the street, something uncommon happened. A teenage girl suddenly came and boldly stopped him from killing the cat. Of course, for him to be suddenly interrupted. Zhu Wentian was utterly furious, he got mad. Thus, with anger run through his mind, he dashed and about to attack the girl with his knife he was about to use to kill the cat. However, when his knife was few inches away to pierce the woman, a blinding light suddenly covered him. Bringing him to a different world! Join Zhu Wentain in his bloody adventure in this another world! Would he able to made the world drown in blood? Would he able to find a cure about his illness? Read this!

LuckGod · Fantasy


NiGtHmArEs · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Miss Daisy: She Knows Where You're Hiding

A child always sees her parents when she is born. This child might not remember that moment, but her parents are always the first part of her birth. Unfortunately, some are not born into happy families and are most likely to change their attitudes when they grow up. There comes Miss Daisy, a mysterious woman who appears to be a "helping hand" for those parents who need someone to take care of their child or children. Children with special cases, and parents with dark secrets hidden. She is willing to do everything for the sake of her job. But one thing is for sure, she does not accept money for the payment. Her grudge and hatred will have your life for the payment. She can kill without sympathy and second thoughts. This concludes, if you are a bad parent or adult, hold your breath and start shivering. Because she knows where you're hiding.

micmicsellaaaa · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings