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The World After A Virus Attack. After the great pandemic the human and all living creatures are divided into four types: Unaffected - The People who are not affected by the virus. Defectives - The People with light mutation caused by the virus Killers - The People who are partially mutated by the virus and got powers Mutated - The complete mutated ones and the antagonists of the story. Will the world's fate gonna change by the hands of some defectives? Read for the Complete story Special Thanks for, Dragon Kid, Avee Lamperouge, Sadham Hussain. By, Author, SMSian.

SMSian · Martial Arts

Project Genesis (Complete Edition)

WARNING: This is the complete edition of Project Genesis. Different version ito sa REMASTERED EDITION. Read at your own risk. IN THE GAME OF DEATH, THERE ARE ONLY TWO OPTIONS: YOU EITHER KILL OR GET KILLED. In Year 2029, the Earth's population increased ceaselessly. That was when the creators of humankind came down to Earth to wipe out the entire human race to start anew since their experiment in creating a perfect world had been a huge fiasco. Then the Government presented them a solution to their failed experiment--the New World Order. First order is what they called the Games of Survival, where children between the ages of fourteen and twenty are required to take part and where they will all fight each other to death. A perfect solution in decreasing Earth's population. Nineteen-year-old Blair and her classmates are on the run for their lives. But all of them knows that soon enough, the hooded men will be able to track them down and when that time comes, Blair will have to make a choice between remaining as the prey or become the predator of the game. NOTE: This is a Tag/Lish (Tagalog/English) novel.

peryodiko · Teen
Not enough ratings

Rise From Ashes Series

This book contains violence and gore, swearing and potential sexual references. _______________________________________________________ Book 1; The Assassin: A mysterious orphan girl, whispers from the past, and a hidden danger lurking in the shadows. Who can follow the breadcrumbs and piece together the clues before it's too late? Silent and mysterious 17-year-old orphan Roxanne is adopted mere weeks before she is due to be released from the orphanage where she grew up. Moving with her new family to Brightton she holds onto the secrets that poison her mind and keep her awake when all else is asleep. As things begin to come to light and the whispers surrounding Roxanne’s past grow stronger, who will believe what she has to say, who knows her truth and who is brave enough to find out?

Arcin_Enroth · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings