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Tower Of God: Amnesiac

A girl appears to the Floor of Test with no memories of her past. The tower of God grants anything you desire, may it be wealth, power, revenge, or even immortality. But all she wanted is to remember her lost memories.

qwpenguin · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

That Pain of Yours || Khun Aguero Agnis X Reader

C O M P L E T E D ! ! A story wherein they met at an unfortunate event. • • • • • • !! WARNING !! | may contain spoilers Disclaimer: I do not own the cover art and any Tower of God characters. ~°~ n o t e d i t e d ~°~ There may be some errors in the grammar and spellings. Started: 5/6/20 Finished: 6/22/20

saltehcake · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings