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Kelipto High 1

Shadow Nightsteal, a rich girl sent to a boarding school on the coast to get her act together. There she meets Zander, a guy with many secrets. Everyone here is very rich but since they are, money doesn’t determine popularity. Looks and how social you are do. Shadow and Zander are the student council presidents of Kelipto High, everyday they are sent on a new adventure because they are “humanoids,” a nickname given by normal humans. About 50% of the population are humanoids dating back to thousands of years ago. There are 18 ranks, 18 being the highest, Shadow and Zander are both rank 18 which puts them in a lot of danger because they are VERY rare. Once Shadow finds out a huge secret about Zander, they are brought MUCH closer together for the better. Shadow starts developing strong feelings for him unknowing if he feels the same. Cover Maker: @queen-love22 on Wattpad

Heidi_Bett · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings