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Radie : A Burst Of Power

In the year 1986 the major governments of the world banded together on a nuclear project they called 'project morning star' , they intended to make an unlimited energy supply that could power then entire world , everything ran smoothly until..............in 1993 an unexplained chain of events occurred........the morning star power plants around the world started to exploded and the radiation spread killing millions and mutating the genes in those who survived.....there were those who capitalized on this chaos and the crime rates started to rise by the day.........now in the year 2022 there are heroes who keep villians in line and schools that train young super heroes.....this is the tale of kazunai yazumèi the youngest son of Tokyo's crime boss named Seamus......seamus is a great father who taught kaz how to be street smart and book smart..........but his four older brothers despise him for they believe that he is seamus' favourite...........see as kazunai gets mixed up into drug dealing , gun violence , super powered gang wars and how he brings on the legacies of the sharks after seamus dies

Kxnq_Kalm_AG · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings