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Will of Iron Fantasy

Justin Wang is attending college in NYC when he was playing one of his desktop games, Will of Iron (definitely not a Hearts of Iron 4 spinoff). While playing the Alt-Monarchy KaiserReich mod he drifts asleep as his armies encircle Berlin. Now that he has woken up as Kaiser Wilhelm X in a Germany embroiled in civil war, purging nationalists, cut off from communication from abroad as all other nations mysteriously disappeared and facing a new threat not known to him, will Justin be able to create a new Germany? What is this new threat? The Threat: The Kingdom of Epurilon is collapsing. The Crown Faction headed by Crown Prince Phillip Wallace is losing ground. The Junta Faction is preparing to assault the capital. There is no time. The 4th prince and 3rd princess must flee south to the allied city of Wallaceburg to meet up with the Master Marshal. Just as the pair are about to enter the south, a huge wall of grey stone appears out of nowhere and blocks them... Author’s note: Hi all thanks for seeing my novel. I plan on publishing a new chapter everyday until further notice. Thanks Update: I raised the ages of Andrew to 17 and Adriana to 18. It makes sense later.

Jinglered · War&Military
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