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Superman dc enslavement

Superman enslaves dc universe with the help of Wonder woman, Supergirl, Powergirl, Donna, and many injustice style lots of sex, Spank, rape, Superman/multi. Warning Superman/Harem

laciellight123 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings


There is a boy named Crog, who want to become a hero while people think that he is mad, After he'll powered up through a meteorite when he was training to become a powerful man, After powered up, he'll be team up with Dc members, and will challenge many opponents,what happened and how he teamed up with Dc members? and Whose metiorite is that and what will it do?

Abhinay_raj_1173 · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings

Two Steps From Hell (Promo & Updates)

The book opens with Joel Essen, a scruffy detective, witnessing an assassination of a renowned physicist. Going against his captain’s orders, he investigates the case. But in doing so, he opens Pandora box and learns of a nefarious plan to unleash hell on Earth. This new profound burden pushes the detective into action to go against a group of very powerful individuals. As intriguing as the plot seems, it’s not the heart of the book’s mystery. It becomes rapidly clear that Joel Essen himself is very peculiar. He has his warts and inner demons from his past. A mystery that is slowly revealed throughout the book. The central theme of the book is that ‘no man is an island and no man stands alone’. Seeing that this book is a team up book, Essen will have to learn to trust and work with others. This is something he will especially struggle to come to terms with. In fact the other four main characters will have to learn to do the same. Every character has their own backstory that is perfectly intertwined into the main plot. Two Steps From Hell is a very suspensive story and with each chapter, the readers are forced to the edge of their seats. Everything and everyone will be against their favourite protagonist and time will be of the utmost importance to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions. The novel and all its glory can be find here: http://wbnv.in/a/abHhjwe or you can search for it in the search bar.

AgentNico · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings