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The Adventures of Handor Terapis

Type something serious; a wonderful synopsis can attract more readers. It is what it told me, so I did and wrote exactly that. This story is what I'll be writing when I run into a writer's block with any other stories I'm writing. It's going to be written with no plan whatsoever, no rough drafts either, and will be updated more often than not. Come here for some laughs. Come here to read random references to anything; everything. Come here to make suggestions that may or may not be implemented in the next chapter. I'm writing this one merely for the pure fun of it. I have no intention of making money with this, so if for the 1 billionth possibility that this story becomes popular enough to be monetized, I'll try to keep it free. No promises though, since I suck at those and always break my promises. xD Well, you don't know what this story will about yet, so I will keep it brief. or short. or briefs and shorts... and underwear. pfft! xD rofl This is the casual adventure story of Handor Terapis (name got its inspiration from Hand Therapy, which is the hand lotion I use from a brand called Atomy) and the people he meets, and the things he sees, the adventures he has.

Daoist_Urimiya ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings