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My Police husband

What will happen when people who are completely opposite are arranged? Like a saying opposite attract. Will the rude, cold and heartless police officer Jeon Jungkook will love a good, kind and innocent girl Choi Y/N? Jungkook who likes hot, sexy, savage and badass girls. Will he love Y/N? Y/N who like soft and caring guys. Will love Jeon Jungkook? Will Y/N change Jungkook? Wanna know than read this story... A playboy police officer and a innocent girl...

370Jungkook · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

You are in my body

One day Jungkook had a fight with a reporters and got into controversy and on the other side Sally's family forced her to getting married. Both of them were tired of there life. But one day when they woke up they found themselves in each others body. How is that happened? What will they do now? Will they ever able to be the same again? It is BTS fan fiction. Here Jungkook is the main character. He is member of a band called BTS and Sally is an Indian girl who wants a simple and happy life

Sana_2862003 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings