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|:| Down with the Government |:|DREAM SMP X MALE! READER |:|

« How is it that you go about defining good and evil? I'm only using what the gods gave me. » Living in a world were war is the only thing he knows, Y/N and his travel companion, Mila, fight together in a world were only the finest survive. Being kicked out of his kingdom, Y/N's hate towards any form of government grows. He dreams of a world in where nobody has power over anyone. Mila, just trying to find meaning in a world raging with war, she sticks with Y/N, but his course of actions cause her to start judging whether what their doing is right. While camping in the forest, they spot a large explosion far ahead, leading them to come across the Dream SMP, what will happen when Y/N starts loosing it? ++++++++ This is an AU in which they are not YT's but instead the world they live in is actually Minecraft, there looks will look as in real life, not blocks, they only have one life they CANNOT respawn.++++++++ [I do not own any characters in the book, except Mila and Y/N, but I don't own you.] [[Rated mature since they will be cussing and violence, they will be NO sexual themes!]] [[[Cover art is not mine it belongs to PIKORII, the black silhouette with the white eye I added to their drawing]]] [[[[Songs added in the book are not mine all credits to the artists]]]] [[[[[I do not know if they will, be any ships except Dream SMP x Reader]]]]] [[[[[[If any character portrayed in their story is uncomfortable or doesn’t want to be included I will remove them]]]]]] |:| Started: 6/ 12/ 2020 [Day/ Month/ Year]|:| |:| Ended: ??? |:|

ToxicAslyum · Video Games
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