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Truely yours

Zain: We should get the help of the police. Uncle: And what would you say to the police? That Hazifa has kidnapped his own wife ...? ... The first husband in the world to kidnap his own wife What could be the reason for this? ........... A love that has been unrequited since childhood ... A love that she could see ... But the one she has given to someone else. A marriage that is her truth, then why is it limited to name only for Huziafa ...? *************** ... The story of a Momal, whose love was always unfulfilled, Will she be able to get unrequited love this time ...? Wanna read? Check out I hate that I love you

Rukhsar_Haadi · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

The trio(HOSIE)

Josie is a witch and hope is a tribrid , they met through an accident, but as their adventures together goes by , what do you think they will encounter , do you think they will fall in love? Or will they remain as friends... Credits to the legacies companies as I'm using some of the character's name

xin_ying_4443 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings